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Family audit project


With its participation in the project “Family Audit” promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento, FBK has engaged in the development, within the Foundation, of a culture and policy attentive to work- balance, respect for the environment and recognition of the specific and differentiated needs of its staff.




Among the social policies adopted and promoted by FBK, particular attention deserve those related to the  protection of gender differences, strongly linked to the themes of work-life balance but also aimed, in general, at the respect for differences in the workplace.


 Here below is a brief description of the initiatives promoted by FBK in this area over the past few years:




  • G &SE Initiative; initiative that has been proposed to characterize the new management of Fondazione Bruno Kessler with an avant-garde approach with respect to issues related to gender issues, the organization of work. The main objective of the initiative was to achieve a broader and qualified participation of women in science (especially in scientific research and technological innovation) through the identification and implementation of specific actions by FBK’s management.
  • The interdisciplinary project GOSH (Gender Construction between Sciences & Humanities) interdisciplinary research project that aimed to investigate, in a comparative perspective, the structure of the gender category in some of the humanities and scientific and technological research areas present at FBK.
  • Participation in the FESTA ( Female Empowerment in Science and Technology Academia) European Project: a European project in the "supported action - FP7 - Science in Society" section that has as its main objective introducing lasting organizational changes within the research institutions and universities involved in the project, encouraging the participation of women in scientific and technological research , and removing those obstacles that make it more difficult for women to reach their professional goals;
  • Project funded by the PAT Equal Opportunities Agency: Towards Gender Equality : inclusive language against gender stereotyping whose implementation (2013 - 2014) designed for both administrative and research staff, is intended to counter the gender stereotypes through the adoption and use of inclusive language. The idea of starting to prepare recommendations for the use of non-sexist, non-discriminatory language stems from the belief that language is the main tool for the construction of reality, and that a careful use of the words may help to reduce stereotypes, prejudices and sex discrimination. Words are the means by which we coat our thoughts and make them available to others. It is in fact through language that we communicate, express ideas, feelings and intentions, and language is a living thing that changes with time and with the influences that come from society.


Additionally, well established work-life balance actions include:


  • flextime (single attendance electronic recording for researchers
  • reduced core attendance hours (for administrative staff
  • the agreement with Trentino Trasporti and Coooperativa Car Sharing (for the purchase of an urban public transportation annual pass at a special rate and to encourage the use of public transportation)