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"Ensuring an effective and efficient management of human resources, ensuring a positive work environment and work-life balance policies that enhance the potential of every employee, investing in the training and in the development and growth of the competences of the human and intellectual capital of the Foundation, managing the relations with unions".

These are, in summary, the activities which, as the Human Resources Service, we ensure to the more than five hundred employees, including research and administrative staff of the Povo technological site and humanities hub on Via Santa Croce.

In accordance with the goals and mission of the Foundation, we deal with all aspects of selection, training, development and remuneration of FBK’s human resources, the inclusion of the staff according to the needs and profiles agreed with the various organizational functions, the management and growth of skills and professionalism present in the workforce. Its dedicated Research Support Unit interfaces with the various services present in the Foundation and takes care of all aspects of staff's business travel, access authorization to guests and external collaborators, the organization of events and seminars, the procedures for project-based collaborations and consulting services in agreement with the Human Resources Service.

Our activities and services have an important twofold objective: on the one hand, to attract, retain and develop the skills and professionalism of those entering and living in the Bruno Kessler Foundation; on the other hand, to ensure to all employees and partners - be they researchers, PhDs, administrative staff employees or collaborators – a work environment and context that can enhance their human and professional potential and that can ensure both a high quality of life and valid work-life balance tools.

For these reasons, we are engaged in a continuous analysis of our human capital, in order to exploit the peculiarities present in each department and operational unit, while promoting the enrichment represented by the range of professional, cultural and human experiences present within the Foundation.

Following the strategic objectives adopted by the Foundation based on the model of staff management and keeping faith with our Service Charter, we are committed, therefore, to:

  • providing support to researchers through flexible arrangements for the proper performance of their scientific activities
  • improving the stability of the working conditions of researchers
  • ensuring fair and attractive conditions with regard to salaries and social security
  • pursuing gender policies inspired by equal opportunities and merit
  • recognizing the value of mobility, understood as a temporary experience extended as well in different geographical, inter-sectorial and interdisciplinary fields, as a means of strengthening scientific knowledge and professional development
  • improving employability by providing access to measures for continuing development and career guidance