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Personnel selection

Personnel selection is one of the fundamental and strategic activities of the Human Resources Service. Selection may be understood as a macro-process that comprises a procedure leading to the search and selection of new resourses that are suitable to fill a specific work position.

In order to respect the principle of uniformity of treatment of the candidates and to obtain values ​​comparable with one another, the selection interview is structured and agreed upon by the members of the selection committee. During the job interview technical, soft and motivational skills are evaluated so as to identify the candidate that best matches the position offered.

During the selection process, in addition to individual interviews, tools are used to support the assessment - tests, questionnaires or group tests - which enable the Committee to analyze the needs motivating the behavior, attitudes and style of the person connected to the professional role.

At the final stage of the process, the selection committee draws up a list of suitable candidates to fill the position offered and identifies the resource who will be offered the job position.

Once the new resource has formally accepted the contract proposal, he or she is supported by the Welcome Office in order to help them get familiar with the Foundation.