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Corporate welfare services


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Fondazione Bruno Kessler ensures its personnel a series of benefits that contribute to corporate welfare. The various types of incentives and agreements are listed right from call publication.

Administrative employees are granted flextime, while research staff benefit from the single work attendance electronic reporting service through Time Collection Devices.

Additionally, each employee has a fixed work station within FBK equipped with pc and telephone. Also, based on tasks and roles within the Foundation, some employees receive company mobile phones, PCs and internet keys.

At the FBK-POVO Hub all types of professional categories present in the Foundation can use a corporate cafeteria, an in-house bar where light meals can be consumed, a free lounge where workers can heat and eat meals they brought from home ("Yourlunch" area) and a kitchen near the open space (Povo, north Building, 2nd floor) for short breaks. FBK employees and collaborators can also count on a Blueticket card they can use for lunch in eateries granting reduced fee meals.

With a view to corporate welfare, staff can count on on-site parking at its various locations (Mon-Fri 7.30 am - 8.00 pm Sat 7.30 am - 2.00 pm) and on the Welcome Office services. Additionally, FBK staff members benefit from a series of reduced fee agreements  with credit institutions, with the local public transportation authority, with language training centers and sports and leisure activities.

For several years now, the Foundation has subscribed to a car sharing service.

Other benefits for the Foundation's personnel include the possibility of receiving private parcels and correspondence at the Foundation's address, showers and changing rooms, cafeteria reduced fees for children and family members, agreement with Acli for tax and social security assistance services which can be reserved by completing this form online.