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Diversity Management

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In recent years, globalization, increased complexity and competitiveness and, above all, the proximity - in the workplace - of cultures very different from each other, have prompted organizations to look for new management practices to make diversity a productive resource. This involves a management change which provides an important and necessary shift in the areas of expertise in which the interpretation of diversity and therefore the uniqueness of the individual collaborators is essential for the enhancement of the productive potential of each of them. In other words, the protection of diversity is an asset to be preserved through the development and management of human resources that leverage on the recognition of differences to increase the competitiveness of the organization and its chances of success.

Diversity in the workplace can be represented metaphorically as a mosaic of human beings in which everyone contributes with a variety of work and personal experiences  to the proper functioning of the organizational system. Diversity is not just the source of conflicts, but a resource and increased potential for creativity and productivity.

The special project on Diversity Management, initiated at FBK in 2012, is committed to find a common denominator in the work-life balance initiatives that already exist in the Foundation and at the same time explores a set of management techniques that have as their objective the improvement of the working conditions of staff and, consequently, an increased organizational efficiency.