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The Family Audit Project

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FBK has joined the Family Audit project promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento Government Agency. By signing the "Commitment Document", Fondazione Bruno Kessler has manifested its engagement in developing and cultivating an organizational culture and policy system attentive and aimed at balancing family and work.

To this end, a group was established within the Foundation that represents the whole organization and would draw up an implementation plan and identify strategies and guidelines aimed at enhancing the work-life balance services offered to employees.

A number of programs and projects have been started:

  • flextime (single attendance electronic registration for research staff) 
  • reduced mandatory core hours (for administrative staff) 
  • agreement with Trentino Trasporti and Coooperativa Car Sharing (for the purchase of an annual pass at a reduced fare and to promote the use of public transportation)
  • the possibility for employees of making use of the company cafeteria with family members, with no reservation being necessary.

Moreover, since FBK has joined the maintenance program for the Family Audit certification,  it intends, for the coming three years - besides continuing the ongoing projects - enhancement actions that will ensure the Foundation further growth in the area of work-life balance. Here below are some these planned enhancement actions: 

  • inclusion of the Audit Family project and of work-life balance policies in the Social Report;
  • consideration, for meeting planning, of the staff working schedules;
  • formalization - through the creation of policies - policies of FBK guidelines and commitment in the work-life balance area; 
  • consideration and adoption of policies aimed at filling the gender gap (FESTA project) and extension of the work-life balance for the care of seniors; 
  • keeping and enhancement of the telecommuting trial which for the time being provides for, at FBK,  a simplified telecommuting formula (a one day a week maximum) that takes into account both the regulatory and/or safety issues and aspects linked to teamwork. 
  • formalization of personnel policies linked to Diversity management that will highlight and safeguard the differences within the Foundation's system.

Related news: We would like to announce the funding under the Bando Benessere PAT (the Well-being Grant of the Autonomous Province of Trento) awarded to the East Hill Family District, together with Kaleidoscopio Scs, Apsp M Grazioli, the Povo Famiglia Cooperativa.

On the 10th of April 2017, the East Hill Family District signed a partnership agreement with the Autonomous Province of Trento, Kaleidoscopio Scs, Apsp M Grazioli and the Povo Famiglia Cooperativa, that will permit services' sharing between partners.