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Operational information on smart working

Pursuant to Resolution No. 04/2020 of the Head of the Human Resources Service dated April 29, 2020, all staff, of any position, level and duties, including PAT staff assigned to the Foundation, are considered to be on smart working from May 4 until July 31, 2020.
No notification or request will be necessary.

As for the recording of working time, smart working will be structured as follows:

1. Workers accessing the Foundation must record attendance via the electronic attendance recording system once, only for safety purposes and to verify access authorization only; 

2. Electronic recording is not valid for the purposes of working time recording;

3. For accountability purposes, workers shall prepare a report summarizing the actual work carried out on that day and upload it onto the INAZ system.

The Report will be approved by your immediate supervisor and by the Human Resources Department.

Please download the daily report template to be used for smart working during this period.

To enter the Report on the system, please choose "smart working" (instead of "Telework") from the description menu and attach the document.

4. The "smart working" option will automatically record your theoretical daily working time;

5. In addition to those cases where work is performed in a place other than the workplace, the "smart working" code shall also be entered in the case of work performed at one of the FBK sites, as well as when work is performed partly at FBK and partly elsewhere;

6. In the case of partial day time-off (e.g. if you use ROL; breastfeeding leave; leave pursuant to Law 104; etc.), your theoretical daily working time must be partly covered with a leave code (ROL; Allattamento; Assenza 104; etc.) and partly with the "smart working" code (the system will automatically calculate worked hours by subtracting from it the time entered under the other event code); 

7. In the event of illness or accident, the procedures in force remain unchanged;

8. Workers are allowed to use their BluTicket card during the period concerned (May 4 - July 31);

9. The Foundation's Privacy Policy must be scrupulously observed: each worker continues to be responsible for the data and information which he/she becomes aware of when performing his/ger work and is required to take all appropriate measures in order to protect their confidentiality, security, integrity and correct use, by scrupulously following the instructions provided by FBK and the provisions of current regulation on the protection of personal data.