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Flextime and telecommuting


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Technical information on telework during the Coronavirus emergency


1. All active staff members are considered to be on telework status as a matter of course and therefore authorized to perform their work outside the office. Thus, workers do not need to send any notice or request. 

If your tasks cannot be performed via telework - without prejudice to the above - you are required to plan the activities that you will be carrying out while away from work with your immediate supervisor. You will then have to thoroughly describe these activities in the daily report that you will iupload daily onto the INAZ system under Cartellino self-service. During the telework period, you will be considered on-call in case the need for intervention at our facilities arises.

2. For accountability purposes, you will be required to prepare and upload a daily Report on INAZ.
The Report will be approved by your immediate Supervisor and the Human Resources Department.
Please find the telework Report to be used during this period at this link.
Please find the operating instructions on how to upload the Report in INAZ at this link.

3. If you need to return to your place of work, you must obtain authorization by your immediate Supervisor and by the Head of the Safety and Prevention Unit Mario Russo;

4. For full day time-off other than telework (Vacation Leave; ROL partial-day leave; Comp time-off; Leave due to serious reasons, etc ...), you will have to enter the relevant request on INAZ according to the usual procedure.

In these cases, DO NOT cove your time-off with "Telework".

5. For partial-day time-off while on telework (eg. Medical leavet; ROL partial day leave; etc ...), please cover time-off on INAZ with the relevant code only and send your daily Report to indicating the hours you tele-worked and those to be covered with Other Reasons.

Also in these cases, DO NOT cove your time-off with "Telework".

6. The use of the BluTicket card is not allowed, as its use would be in clear contrast with government instructions to limit access to public places.