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Flextime and telecommuting


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The Foundation supports flexible working hours as a useful tool to balance work commitments with private life needs of its employees.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, when compatible with its organizational needs, fosters patterns of flexible working hours and telecommuting and, in a context of accurate performance assessment, adopts a timesheet management system that allows for the broadest organizational autonomy of its administrative and research staff through greater flexibility in the organization of their work activities.

Thanks to the use of new technologies adopted and implemented at FBK, employees can remotely access applications, software and data of the Foundation and can therefore work and carry out their activities independently without the need to physically attend their workplace. Additionally, FBK staff members are equipped with a laptop personal computer and a personal telephone with follow me call forwarding option.

The staff of the Foundation, both in the research and services areas, can learn useful information on telecommuting and flextime by contacting the Human Resources Service.