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The term "profession guidance processes" refers to those activities that support an individual who is facing a career transition. For outgoing staff, guidance processes are of fundamental importance for self-knowledge and awareness of their resources, to undertake specific training courses, outline future employment goals and become aware of legislative incentives that support the inclusion in a company of highly qualified personnel.

The main objective of these processes is to enhance and support the growth and development of FBK's human resources in order to facilitate the  employability in the labor market, as provided for by Article 55 of the CCPL (Provincial Collective Labor Agreement) for Foundations, as well as to contribute to the growth of the local communities.

As the Statute (Section I) shows, the goals of the Foundation are indeed " cultural activities, scientific research, technological development both in the perspective of the advancement of knowledge and in the service to the local community." In support of the community to which it belongs, the Foundation emphasizes those activities that transfer knowledge from the research system to industry, thus enhancing the resources and dynamics of local development.

Engaging in this kind of activity means to effectively manage issues of social impact in line with the primary objectives of the Foundation, bearing in mind that the primary responsibility for career guidance is firstly in the hands of the individual.

In general, staff members on exit trajectories are offered support, when necessary, with the definition of potential employment prospects, with individual and professional needs and with the construction of tools for active job search (especially CVs). For employees leaving the organization this support is critical to investigate the applicability of provincial legislation on incentives for businesses, to become aware of their aptitudes, abilities and skills acquired and to define a professional project by mediating between personal goals and labor market.

In addition to these initiatives, ad hoc training courses are structured with the aim of assisting human resources to fit in working environments other than research or the Foundation. In special cases, workers are granted transition fixed-term contracts that offer the opportunity for a window period in which to search for a new job while receiving the salary, fill any training gaps and broaden their skills.

In 2012, we created the virtual bulletin board  "External Job Opportunities" in the Human Resources section of FBK's website, available to internal users only, that offers job opportunities posted by external companies.

In order to promote the employability of outgoing trajectories, Fondazione Bruno Kessler offers each year the Mobility project, recognizing the value of mobility as a solid tool for enhancing the professional development of researchers and their portfolio of individual skills, as envisaged by the European Charter Researchers.