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Spazio 0-100 Program

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Within the Audit Famiglia e Lavoro project, the AUDIT Spazio 0-100 work group at Fondazione Bruno Kessler with the support of external professionals and in collaboration with the educators from the Cooperativa sociale Kaleidoskopio, proposes a series of education, fun and recreation activities dedicated to children aged 5 to 10 years old (last year of kindergarden to all elementary school grades).

FBK's “Summer Kids Initiatives” have become a significant asset for the work-family balance of Fondazione Bruno Kessler's staff and are, besides a recreation opportunity, a tool to draw children to the realm of research and an opportunity to address, in an interactive and workshop-like manner, FBK's themes.

The children of FBK employees can count on a dedicated space (Sala Spazio 0-100), arranged at the Povo technological site, where educational activities (research workshops) held by FBK staff members and by specialized educators, are combined with recreation activities.

For younger children, a nursery room has been set up in the Povo West Building lobby area. It has been equipped with an armchair and a changing table and is dedicated to breastfeefding and diaper changing.

On an experimental basis, and based on the positive feedback gathered through assessment questionnaires of the Family Audit services, the Foundation launches a summer small-sized day-care to support staff who need this service for children aged 0-3 years old. The initiative is offered only if a minimum number of participants is reached.

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