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Fondazione Bruno Kessler promotes "diversity" with the inclusion of workers in fragile or disadvantaged situations in accordance with Act n. 68 dated March 12, 1999  and according to the Program Agreement signed with the Trento Employment Agency for a gradual coverage of the mandatory positions reserved for people with disabilities.

The latter and the local employment centers are the Foundation's major interlocutors of reference for the appropriate exploitation and for compliance with the legislation in force.

The Foundation is committed to creating and ensuring a more effective bridge of communication both between institutions and between individuals, giving meaning to a work placement that is not only mandatory but apposite as well. It supports the inclusion of those resources with greater difficulty, appreciating the value of diversity and protecting their right to enjoy fair and favorable conditions of work, facilitates social dialogue and promotes employment opportunities in order to return to diversity a strong professional value through appropriate policies and measures.

An appropriate approach to diversity enables, in fact, to find a perfect match between demand and supply, and to reach out to those who are out to conquer opportunities for real work and active life, enhancing their skills and professionalism. It activates training shaped and targeted through pathways to improving motivation, skills, competences, from the point of view of a balanced professional growth.