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With a view to increasing internationalization of its staff, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, aligning itself with the major international research centers, has adopted the instrument of tenure track in order to identify and provide a qualifying, motivating and structured career path, recognized and recognizable within the scientific community.

Tenure track is a type of job classification that indicates a career path (track) in pursuit of a permanent job position (tenure). The purpose of the tenure track is to offer excellent researchers the opportunity to pursue a professional path that is transparent, formalized, structured and aimed at steering tenure-track researchers towards the strengthening of competences necessary to become tenured researchers, i.e. researchers who will be granted a permanent position contract.

Tenure Track Process

Tenure Track recruiting and evaluating process involves the following stages: call publication, access selection and evaluation, definition and start of the evaluation process, final review.

The calls for tenure track positions are published in leading scientific research and development journals and on international search engines.

Both staff external and internal to the Foundation may apply for the public calls for tenure track positions; the latter only if they are not already tenured employees.

The entire tenure track process must comply with the principles of the European Charter of Researchers. The tenure track process must also be timely and duly documented and traced, and may include events for open discussion both with the scientific community of Fondazione Bruno Kessler and with all of its stakeholders

In the case of events requiring leave of absence, maternity leave, part-time or specific forms of smart working during the tenure track period, the Foundation will seek solutions that make the periodic evaluation process feasible. In case of a negative outcome of the tenure track process, the Foundation pledges to take appropriate outplacement actions. The institutional and scientific Governance of the Foundation, unanimously, may offer a tenure track position to scientific staff external or internal to the Foundation, recipient of an individual ERC (European Research Council) grant or internationally awarded grant of equal prestige. 


Ongoing Tenure Tracks

Ended Tenure Tracks