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Scientific Writing in English (in English)

In this course you will: - Do several pieces of writing and receive feedback on accuracy (including article/thesis extracts) - Do a presentation, and receive feedback on grammar/pronunciation from me, and on delivery/organisation from the other students; - Be involved actively, suggesting improvements to others' texts; - Look at aspects of text structure, particularly of articles/theses; - Look at advanced grammar points of particular relevance to academic scientific writing; - Look at language/textual features of professional communications; - Look at ways to resolve language questions independently.

Teacher: Fliss Hope

Period: May 2015 - June 2015



Public speaking skills: techniques and simulation labs (in English)

The course has the structure of a simulation and observation laboratory to practice how to provide a public speaking session.

Teacher: Loredana Pancheri, Studio Acoma

Period: May 2015 (I edition) - September 2015 (II edition)



Negotiation Skills (in English)

The course is structured as a laboratory with practical simulations and observations with the aim of training to present an idea or a project, of convincing, persuading and efficiently discussing with the interlocutors.

Docente: Loredana Pancheri, Studio Acoma

Periodo: Ottobre 2015