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FBK Academy

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The HR Development, Safety, and Corruption Prevention, Transparency and Privacy Units have created FBK Academy, a set of learning opportunities that is innovative and suited to the various areas of competence.

By the concept of FBK Academy we mean a "continuous learning environment", where the staff members are not only the targets of training actions, but also active players in the development, updating and sharing of skills and abilities.

The FBK Academy 2020-21 training opportunities are available on the Academy portal implemented with the support of the Data Office.

In order to make the catalogue consultation easier, courses are divided into topic areas and structured in such a way as to satisfy the various training needs. Courses held in English can be selected by choosing the advanced tag "Corsi in lingua inglese/ENG-courses". The biennial schedule also offers the opportunity to define individual and group development plans with visibility and sustainability both in the short and medium period. In addition to single initiatives, some training paths have been created that include a selection of proposals concerning a specific topic. 

During the coronavirus emergency FBK Academy has become digital! Consult the initiatives of the new section "#menoviruspiùconoscenza", open to all FBK personnel.

You can sign up for up to 3 courses per year and for as many seminars as you wish. For more information on the rules for participation and registration, please read the FBK Academy Policy.

To help you with signing-up, we have prepared this easy guide. For any issues, please contact us by email at