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Bank account opening

The bank account is a contract that enables you to manage your personal funds and to use the services offered by your bank, such as the payment of the bills, checks, ATM, credit card and internet banking. The account conditions vary depending on the bank: in most cases, a debit card (Bancomat) is issued as well as a cheque-book (libretto degli assegni). In general, no fees are charged when you withdraw cash from your own bank's ATM as well as when paying in shops within the country. Bank accounts can also be registered as joint accounts for more people.

Before opening a bank account, it is recommended to get all the information needed since banks can offer different solutions (i.e. fees included or not for account management, withdrawal of money, etc.) and they may have special conditions or accounts for children, young people, pensioners, students, family.

Each account has its own international code, called IBAN (International Bank Account Number).  In order to receive the bank transfer with your salary on a specific bank account please contact the HR offices.

To open an account you need to submit a copy of your Italian "codice fiscale" (the equivalent to the Social security number in the U.S. or the National Insurance Number in the U.K.) and a valid identity document (in the case of Non-EU citizens, it must be accompanied by a copy of the residence permit).