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FBK Learning & Development Plan

Is available the FBK Learning & Development Plan 2018/2019, a two-year plan aimed at meeting training and development needs of research and services staff, through a catalog of training offers designed to foster basic, soft and technical skills. 
In addition to traditional and seminaries initiatives, the new plan is enriched with an e-learning package of training pills in Italian and English, and as well the proposal of FBK internal speakers classes, aimed at encouraging contamination of knowledge and enhancing the skills already present in FBK. These are the main new features of 2018/2019 training plan, which also contains an additional section of recommended thematic paths which facilitates the selection of the offer.
Registrations to 2018 training initiatives (only) are now open. It is possible to attend 3 courses per year. Participation in seminars is however free.
Deadline for subscriptions to initiatives starting from Semptember 2018 is the 22nd of August 2018 through INAZ or, for those who don’t have access, contacting

For detailed information, Training Guidelines are available for consultation.