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FBK was awarded the Benessere Grant of the Autonomous Province of Trento

FBK was awarded the Benessere Grant of the Autonomous Province of Trento together with the other organizations that joined the Povo-based "Distretto Famiglia Collina Est", or East Hill Family District: Kaleidoscopio Scs, Apsp M Grazioli, Povo’s Famiglia Cooperativa.

In 2014, FBK participated as an active partner in the project entitled "From the Family District to the educating community - Building a network for the reconciliation of personal and working life on the East Hill of Trento" (project leader: City of Trento) conducting the following project activities:


-  Analysis of the staff’s needs

- Setting up of services from a logistical and organizational point of view

- Service assessment through special satisfaction surveys

- Starting actions aimed at responding to childcare needs for ages 0-3 during daycare closings

- Assessing the implementation of a tool for inter-company communication


Project goals:

  • Support Trentino area based organizations that at the municipal, multi-municipal or Valley Community level, have engaged in qualification programs related to family quality standards or that have initiated the aggregation of public and private operators for the purposes of the promotion and enhancement of families, especially families with children, by creating and supporting Family Districts, as defined in Article 16 of the Act.
  • Support initiatives aimed at promoting family and community relationships designed to promote the leadership of the families in the local area and the production of social and relational capital by favoring horizontal cooperation.


The East Hill Family District and the idea of a network aimed at social development

The idea of the Family District on the East hill of Trento stemmed in 2013 from the encounter between various organizations that for years had embarked on a program for family policies and at different times had obtained a family certification: FBK, Kaleidoscopio Scs, Apsp Margherita Grazioli, Povo’s Famiglia Cooperativa. The need is to weave the constructive network that can help individual organizations in the implementation of their mission as far as family support is concerned, both for workers either living or working in the area.

The focus of the network agreement are work-life balance services for employees of all these organizations, which can be set up and used by various agencies through agreements and specific synergies. Our effort is to create an intercompany welfare system that will allow people engaged in the area to better manage the balance between personal and professional life and thus work better and with greater satisfaction.

The District agreement was signed in April 2014. It establishes the foundations for joint actions, although in this first year, goals are still very general: defining a legal and administrative framework that will favor the exchange of services and structures, obtaining information about the needs of companies, summing up the skills and resources that can be networked, deepen - through training programs - the philosophy of the Family District and its network services, identifying methods and development schedules.

The future expansion and enhancement of the network in the area is deemed critical, from the perspective of participation and involvement of families and other organizations on the area of the East Hill of Trento.

Not less important is the communication of the activities that we will implement based on emerged needs. We still have to set priorities with regard to the information and the related content that will be circulated. The most appropriate instruments will gradually be agreed between the partners where activities and targets have been clarified.


Organizations inside and in the network

Among the aims of the District there are those of directing, in order to enhance families, organizational models and welfare services underlying the certifications in place in each individual entity and, consequently, the development of a family friendly perspective locally, which becomes the ground for innovative experiments.

The main objective is to support staff reconcile family and work in a tangible way. Often work commitments and those related to the private sphere cannot be easily balanced and serenity (especially for women) in both areas, work and family,  cannot be ensured.

Statistics illustrate the difficulty, especially for women, in combining professional and private commitments. Indicative are also data that relate the inability of many women to work because of the absence or inadequacy of services across the country aimed at the care of their family.

The data are also indicative of the impossibility of many women to work because of locally non-existent or insufficient family care services.

The initiatives fielded will allow for a better organization of family and work times. Especially for children services, the advantages compared to other solutions available in the area are - for example - being able to bring the children at one’s own workplace, cutting down on time and commuting; the opening hours of the initiative are compatible with work commitments and work schedules of the organization; greater serenity in the family since workers get the chance to meet the children during lunch and snacks; awareness of the quality  of the initiative in terms of educators/children ratio.

Last but not least, it is worth noting that the staff may contribute to organizational choices and that the District has the opportunity to meet personal/family needs.


Duration of the project

The project for the implementation of activities under the Bando Benessere was initiated in August 2014 and will end in March 2017.