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CHANGES IN THE TAX BONUS pursuant to ART. 13, C. 1-bis, Presidential Decree No. 917/1986 (Renzi bonus)

We would like to point out that for 2018:

a)     the max total annual income to qualify for the bonus has been increased to €26,600

b)   the total annual income cap for the full payment of the bonus has been increased to € 24,600.

We remind the FBK personnel concerned that it is their responsibility to promptly report to FBK any personal situations in addition to their employment with FBK that may affect the exact calculation of the amount to be disbursed (for example: employment income concurrent to FBK income, additional income other than employment income such as self-employment income, scholarships, income from buildings with the exception of income for the main residence).

Please note that, if during 2018, due to contract or income changes (for example due to part-time changes/contract conversion to full-time, contract renewals or extensions, collective bonus payment), the annual total income limit of € 26,600 should be exceeded, the bonus will have to be returned in full at the time of the adjustment (end of the year). If you wish to avoid any payback due to contractual or income changes, please check both your progressive and annual income and submit the request for non-application of bonus form as soon as possible.

For your FBK salary, please refer to the December 2017 paystubs to check your annual income, or to each 2018 paystub to check your monthly progress.

This information can be found at the bottom under of the December 2017 paystub in the "imponibile fiscale annuo" section, as shown in the image below.

Please also note that in the case of an annual total income of less than €8,000 (so-called insufficient), but with positive gross monthly tax (after employment tax deductions), the bonus must be returned in full at the time of the tax return (mod. 730/UNICO). Should this be your case, and you want to avoid having to return the bonus, we invite you to submit as soon as possible the form to request the non-application of the bonus attached to this notice duly completed.

Here the documentation

For further clarification, please be advised that an information desk will be set up Tuesday, January 16 from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm, at the Confronto Hall in the North building (human resources).


Friday, 12 January 2018