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Summer Kids Initiative 2017

The Spazio 0-100 team, in collaboration with the Kaleidoscopio Cooperative and the Human Resources Service, is glad to inform you that the SUMMER KIDS INITIATIVE 2017 was held last summer!

This year's edition, featuring more than 50 members, was composed of five different scientific workshops for five-to-fourteen-year-olds sons of FBK staff.

The laboratories have taken place as follow:

  • June 12 - 16: Let’s program with Micro:bit (20 seats, participants: attending from the I to V elementary school);
  • July 3 - 7 July: Let’s take a journey inside the laptops and (20 seats, participants: : attending from the I to V elementary school);
  • August 21 to 25: The Game Lab: a creative path from history to its realization * (20 seats, participants attending from the I elementary to II media class, scaled down by age group);
  • August 28-September 1: Robotics (25 seats, participants attending from 'last year of kindergarten to the V elementary class);
  • September 4 - 8: Mini-Planck! ... In FBK "- Science Laboratories, publishing and illustration. We realized a children's magazine, where the authors are the children themselves (20 seats, participants: from II elementary school to II attended media class).

The Game Lab has been carried out in collaboration with the research unit MPBA, 3DOM and the Department of Cognitive Sciences in Rovereto. They realized movies on the activities and interviews with the protagonists of the week, returned to their families as a memory of the lab. 

The activities was held in Italian. 

Below, some pictures of the activities carried out last summer:





To register please complete the following online form by April 21st 2017.

Please note that from this year, a deposit of 50 euros (per week and choice for each child / a writing / a) is required.

Before enrolling please take a look at the new regulations (in Italian only).


Wednesday, 22 March 2017