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Summer Kids Initiative 2018

The Spazio 0-100 team, in collaboration with the Human Resources Service, is glad to inform you that the SUMMER KIDS INITIATIVE 2018 (10th edition) will be held, organized as follow:

  • June 11-15: We program with Micro:bits - We will learn to program the micro:bit board through a visual programming language (20 seats, participants: from first to fifth grade completed);
  • July 2-6: Let's play with macro and micro touch: What do we understand of materials by looking at them and touching them? And when we look something under the microscope, do we confirm what we found out with our senses? (20 seats, participants: first and second graders);
  • August 20 - 24: Carto3D: Exploring the trenches of Mount Celva - During the workshop we will propose notions of cartography, orientation and 3D reconstruction of objects and buildings (20 seats, participants: second grade to eight grade completed, divided by age groups). Lab created in cooperation with the 3DOM research unit;
  • August 27 - 31: Robotics Laboratory - With the LEGO MINDSTORMS Kit, we will build and learn to program robotic systems (27 seats, participants: from last year of kindergarten to fifth grade completed);
  • September 3 - 7: Mini-PLaNCK!... at FBK "- Science, publishing and illustration laboratories. We will create a magazine for children, where the authors are the children themselves (20 seats, participants: from second grade to seventh grade completed).

The activities will be held in Italian. 

To register please complete the following online form (in italian only), by April 23rd 2018.

Please note that a deposit of € 50 (per week for each child enrolled) is required; at the end of the above period, the Foundation will proceed, for employees and collaborators of the Foundation, to deduct from the May 2018 pay slip a deposit of € 50 for each selected week and for each enrolled child. Only for non-employees: this deposit must be paid no later than April 30, 2018 by bank transfer (IBAN listed in the regulations).

Before enrolling please take a look at the new regulations (in Italian only).

Privacy policy available here (in italian only).

For more information, please contact

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Monday, 26 March 2018