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Role mapping system and competency development

The Foundation has engaged in the creation of a role mapping system, as a tool in support of the management of human resources, in a logic of enhancement, recognition and development of its internal staff.

Our will to adopt a role system stemmed primarily from the need to effectively manage the career paths of our internal staff, its career advancement (horizontal and vertical progressions), internal mobility and the management of professional development trajectories. To pursue this goal, the mapping of roles complements the existing collective bargaining agreement by acting on areas not adequately defined in it, with special attention to the development of human capital through skills.

Role mapping allows for the safeguard of the organization's competences and facilitates their effective spread and evolution, especially where programs focused on training and development are activated. Also, it supports and enhances recruitment functions, skill assessment methods, career progressions, the planning of training and development activities since it promotes a more consistent correlation between staff's actual aptitudes and skills and defines the professional growth closer to those attitudes and skills.

Scope of role mapping

  • Management of internal mobility

  • Training and development of resources

  • Assessment of potential and career planning

  • Staff recruitment and selection

  • Outplacement

  • Performance recognition systems

Available documentation

ICT Center (available in italian/english)

ICT Center "roles and professional paths" experimental project documentation 

CMM (available in italian/english)

CMM "roles and professional paths" project documentation

ISR Center (available in italian only)

ISR "roles and professional paths" experimental project documentation

Create_net Center (available in italian/english)

Create-Net Center "roles and professional paths" experimental project documentation 


ISIG "Roles and professional career paths" experimental project documentation

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