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For Foundations personnel

Pursuant to articles 68-69-70 of the Foundations Ccpl (Provincial Collective Labor Agreement) FBK recognizes its employees a yearly performance bonus (art. 69), according to the procedures under art. 70 of the above Agreement. Additionally, technologists/research personnel may be granted a participation bonus (art. 68) paid in proportion to the number and the quality of the projects on which they collaborate each year.

The payment will be made within the month of September of the year following the reference year.

Art. 70 (paragraph 4) provides as well for the appointment of a bilateral committee with the aim to define, for two-thirds of the total "amounts, parameters and mechanisms useful for the quantitative determination of the annual participation and performance bonuses." The remaining third of the amount is recognized through "decentralized bargaining" (Article 70, paragraph 2).

The above employees may also be recognized an additional bonus, called “Self-financing” and currrently linked to the earnings-payments ratio for the current year and defined each year through a specific agreement.

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For PAT employees working at FBK

All PAT employees working at FBK may be paid an annual bonus – called FOREG – in accordance with the specific Provincial Collective Contracts and relating agreements.


In addition to the above bonus, all PAT employees working at the Foundation may be granted a bonus, called “Self-financing”, currently linked to the ratio between earnings and payments for the reference year and annually defined through decentralized agreement.