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Operational instructions effective from 15 September 2020

TO FBK AND PAT (temporary and permanent) EMPLOYEES.

We remind you that as of tomorrow, September 15,  2020, employees are obliged to attend the Foundation's premises for 50% of the working days computed on a monthly basis. We remind you that evidence of attendance will be provided by the electronic attendance recording system, which employees use for the purposes of attendance recording and safety. 

The electronic system recording counts as an on-site working day regardless of the time spent at the Foundation. It is, thus, possible to work partially on-site and partially remotely on the same working day.

As of Tuesday, September 15, please remember to:

1. Schedule on-site work

Until further notice, supervisors will keep using the current weekly scheduling and authorizing tool based on the employees' requests. 

2. Hold your badge near the reader

All those entering FBK will record attendance only once. Attendance recording is not valid for the purposes of tracking 50% of monthly on-site work.

3. Complete the self-declaration for epidemic prevention purposes

The procedures for submitting the daily self-declaration for epidemic prevention purposes remain valid. Within one hour after accessing FBK you will receive an email from “Gestione Accessi” with the link to the webform to be completed and submitted. Should you not receive it, please fill in the paper form available at the concierge's desk and hand it in to the Safety Office.

If you have any concerns about your health or the health of family members and/or other people in your household, do not come to FBK and contact .

4. Prepare and upload your daily work report on the Inaz system

All working days, both on-site and remote work days, must be backed through your daily work report, regardless of whether you have or have not signed the Individual Agreement required for FBK employees or the telework request required for PAT employees.

Please note the new codes for uploading the above report:

  • PAT so-called "Teleworkable" staff working at FBK: please use code "TELELAVORO" 
  • "Non-teleworkable" (FBK and PAT) staff: please use code "NON TELELAVORABILE" 
  • Teleworkable FBK staff: please use code "SMART-WORKING"  

For further information regarding this notice, please see the Guidelines or write to .


As of Tuesday, September 15, 2020, as per Resolution no. 9/2020 dd. 09/11/2020 of the Foundation's Prevention and Protection Service, also non-employee staff (excluding FBK Junior students and visitors who have no close relationship with FBK) can access FBK's premises and do so in the same way as employees: points 1 (Schedule on-site work), 2 (hold your badge near the reader), 3 (complete the self-declaration for epidemic prevention purposes).

Please schedule your access together with your supervisor or company tutor.

For information on infection containment measures, write to .