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Healthcare services coverage

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Italy provides healthcare services to Italian citizens and Italian residents through the National Health Service (SSN, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale). You may also choose to get medical care from private healthcare providers.

The SSN is the main healthcare provider and it is State-funded through taxes. If you are working in Italy, you are entitled to SSN coverage and some medical care services are free of charge while others provide for a co-payment. If you are enrolled in the SSN system, you must choose your Primary Care Physician (PCP). Your PCP is the doctor who will coordinate your medical care, order prescription medicines and tests and refer you to a specialist, if needed.

If you are not eligible for SSN care services, you will need to purchase private healthcare insurance to cover your medical care needs.

If you are an European Union resident or if your country has bilateral health care agreements with Italy, you are eligible for SSN healthcare coverage.

To learn more about the Italian healtcare system please take a look at the SSN brochure.