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Internal mobility

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Internal mobility refers to the change of role that a worker may choose to engage in within the organization, shifting from one organizational unit to a different one, peforming different activities. 
Internal mobility can occur due to various reasons related to specific organizational needs of the Foundation:
-    Open positions that the Foundation advertises through job opportunities reserved to internal staff (internal selections) 
-    Role transitions that become necessary due to organizational/strategic changes, problematic situations or personal reasons

Internal selections

To the end of enhancing and developing the skills of its human resources, the Foundation offers job opportunities to internal staff through processes of recruitment and selection dedicated to its employees and collaborators.
These are real opportunities for professional and personal growth for those workers who intend to bring into play their knowledge, skills and aptitudes in different professional fields. The internal selection processes are also an important opportunity for empowerment, when the organizational needs of the Foundation coincide with the motivations and interests of individual workers. Thus,

the worker can:
-    express their potential, using different competences in a new role
-    give a different direction to their professional development and and gain new competences
-    find new motivations and professional challenges
-    extend their stay at FBK, if the worker has a contract due to expire that can be extended

The organization can:
-    add value to the potential and competences of its internal staff
-   make the organization dynamic
-   motivate and effectively place its resources
-    save time when filling positions, since workers are already aware of the organization's operations 
-    have the chance of dialogue with its internal staff

Internal Job Opportunities are posted on the dedicated section of the organization's website. The selection process follows the same steps provided for selection processes external to the Foundation.

Transitions to new roles

Sometimes, internal mobility  may arise from different organizational change processes. It can actually ooccur, due to innovations, process streamlining or strategic choices, that certain activities might undergo changes in the way they are managed, or might not be any longer necessary for the organization and the worker in charge of such activities needs to be assigned a different task; in other cases, either personal reasons or problematic situations may cretae the conditions for arole transition.

In these situations, the Human Resources Service intervenes by conducting a series of analysis and personal support meetings with the worker seeking the change, aimed at his or her new placement within the Foundation, if necessary. During such guidance meetings, the worker's skills, attitudes, motivations and interests are examined in order to find a new professional project that will also be in line with the needs of the foundation.
Usually, internal mobility passages are backed by training programs that accompany the worker in this change and allow him or her to gain the competences needed to efficiently conduct the activities involved in the new role.