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Professional development and career paths

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As part of its organizational model, Fondazione Bruno Kessler offers various opportunities for growth and career plans for its employees.

Besides the opportunities for internal mobility - that are managed through dedicated recruitment and selection processes -dedicated committees exist, that assess the suitability of staff for any career development along their professional path  (horizontal or vertical). In particular, for research staff only, an evaluation process is contractually required for Fourth Tier workers (R4) with a seniority of over three years in order to assess their suitability for a possible transition to a higher job classification (R3).

FBK has engaged in the definition of a role mapping system aimed at the efficient management of professional development and career paths, in a logic of the enhancement and recognition of competences. 

Additionally, the Foundation can count, for some years now, on the tenure track tool, aimed at offering to its researchers a structured career path that is recognized by the scientific community.

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