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Timesheet management

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"Cura Italia" decree: take a look at Circolare Covid-19  

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Your timesheet is managed through the INAZ portal, in the Personal Area, that can be accessed at

Working time
It is possible to plan your working time, subject to the mandatory (core) working hours, between 07:30 am and 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Weekly working hours are those provided for by your contract (generally 38 hours for FBK employees and 36 for PAT employees working at FBK).

Researchers, research technologists and managerial positions
Attendance on a standard workday must be recorded by means of a single clock-in operation within the above hours (07:30 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday). Through this single recording, you will accrue a workday equal to 7.12 or 7.36 hours depending on your contract, while you are required to observe your 36 or 38 weekly working hours.

Administrative, technical employees
Ordinary work activities must be conducted within the above hours, with the obligation to comply with the mandatory (core) attendance hours indicated on the working-time tables for FBK employees and for PAT employees. At least two recording operations are required (Clock-in and clock-out).
Should you need any clarification you may contact the Human Resources Service at  or