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The Human Resources Service at Fondazione Bruno Kessler can count on a Welcome Office that, through a series of dedicated services, offers support to newly hired employees and collaborators in order to facilitate work orientation and socialization both at the Foundation and the local community.

In detail, FBK Welcome Office deals with:

These services are available to the Foundation's employees and collaborators, both Italian and foreign citizens. 

Once the selection process has been closed, the Human Resources Service contacts the succesful candidate to inform him/her about the start date of the contract/collaboration agreement and relating contractual details.

If you need support with relocation and accomodation (if you are a visiting scientist), entry visa, temporary housing, change of residence, tec,), you may write to  in order to make arrangements for your transfer.

The Foundation takes part, together with the University of Trento and Mach Foundation to the Tavolo della Mobilità Internazionale (Table for International Mobility) for the Province of Trento. This agreement acts as a privileged channel for the entry and stay procedures in favour of foreign lecturers, researchers and students.

FBK Welcome Office is a Local Contact Point (LoCP) of the Euraxess Services network, which is made up of over 200 centers located in 35 European countries created by the EU with the aim of contributing to the development of a friendly mobility context for researchers and enhancing scientific relationships.

An online community "FBK Welcome Office" is now active: access Google+ to subscribe!

Through a series of organizational Welfare initiatives, and the promotion of flexibility at work, FBK ensures career developments that are intended to harmonize working and private life, visit for detailed information.

Updated on 13.03.2020