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Welcome Buddies Programme

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Welcome Buddies Programme

Every year FBK hosts about 150 researchers from all over the world. 

Arriving in a new country can be exciting, but can also give rise to difficulties. That's why the FBK Welcome Office sets up a Buddies Programme for its international staff. The purpose of this initiative is to provide international staff a friendly support and to help them with their integration in FBK and Trento.


Just remember how you felt when you first stepped into FBK world, that is why they need you – as a Buddy!This is a volunteer program that is expected to be mutually beneficial to all participants, as a Welcome Buddy, you have the opportunity to get to know researchers from other countries and experience different cultures firsthand. You can expand your horizons, improve your language skills and become part of the FBK international community. Of course you are NOT expected to deal with bureaucratic queries (immigration registration etc.), for this you can revert to the FBK Welcome Office!


The Buddy Programme provides a helping hand as you settle down and is a way of making the integration at FBK easier. You will be paired up with an FBK colleague who volunteers to guide you during the first days of your stay and to introduce you the Italian culture. Some examples of activities could be walking around Trento, discovering nice cafés or restaurants around town, cooking food - just share each other’s cultures! Organize excursions on the mountains, lakes, explore Trentino’s nature.


Please reach out to the Welcome office: we will ask you to fill out a form with some information (ie. your availability) and match you with a buddy! You both will receive an e-mail with the contact details of your buddy. From then on it will be in your hands to contact and get to know each other. 


It is always possible that the match between two buddies just doesnʼt work. Don’t worry sometimes the personal chemistry just does not work out, this is a sensitive topic of course, you don’t have to push yourself.  Just send us a short email so that we can match you up with a new buddy (if so desired).  


perhaps the buddy program might turn, for you, into a new language tandem or friendship..most importantly, you can have fun! Take this as an opportunity and enjoy it!